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Burns' Bonnie Quotes

Posted on 25 Sept 2018


Robert Burns, or Rabbie Burns as we call him in Scotland, was a brilliant poet.

And we aren’t just saying it because he was Scottish.

His works have inspired thousands of famous artists, and he’s got more statues around the world than he would know what to do with.

Rabbie wrote with sincerity, passion, wit and a love for his country. And we think this is what made his verses steal our hearts.

Chances are that you may already know some of the Bard’s lines, but we still thought it'd be nice to share some of our favourite Burns quotes.


1. Love at the First Sight.



3. Fickle Fortune.


4. Virtues.


5. Life Advice.


6. Beloved Highlands.


7. Scottish Ideals.


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8. Elusiveness of Pleasure.


9. Never-ending Love.


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