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Best Summer Holiday Destinations to Book

Posted on 22 Mar 2024

Summertime in Europe is bliss. Soaking away the stress of daily life with a dip in the cooling ocean, refreshing your palate with a gelato (or two), and your skin being kissed by the warming UV rays. If you’re now sitting there dreaming of where you can go to make this a reality, allow us to showcase our favourite European destinations to travel to for the summer months.

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Summary of the Best Summer Travel Inspirations

  • Europe has a rich array of countries to choose from during the warmer months, which makes it a popular destination for international travellers.
  • With being a top summer destination, you have to expect the higher volume of other travellers also wanting to experience the best these locations have to offer.
  • Each of the chosen countries can be experienced over short or long periods, which makes fitting with your time availability perfect.
  • Our top three European destinations to travel to in summer include:
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Portugal
  • All rich in culture, heritage, history, and food, no matter where you choose to travel to this summer, we’re sure you’ll bring back more than souvenirs.

Why is European Travel Favoured in Summer?

Travelling Europe in summer is like a fish in water, it’s a natural instinct to do. The waters are starting to become warmer, the markets are beginning to ramp up their trading, and international schools are ending their academic year in favour of a well-earned rest. So really the question is: why wouldn’t you travel to Europe in summer?

With it being peak travel months (June, July, August) to venture to this part of the world, you do have to expect an increase in the number of tourists. But believe us, it's worth it. Whether you aim to investigate the history of a royal palace, treat your tastebuds with a drop of local wine, or dive headfirst into the Atlantic’s blue waters, the memories you make this summer will form the tales you share over future dinner parties with friends. So book your 6-day European tour or a 13-day trip of Europe to start creating your anecdotes.

3 Best European Countries to Travel to This Summer

With a variety of countries all begging for your attention, we’ve managed to narrow our summer travel list down to our top three.

- Italy
- Spain
- Portugal

alberobello italy


  • Flight travel time from UK: 2 hours and 31 minutes (average)
  • Flight travel time from USA: Between 8 hours and 9 hours and 30 minutes

Everyone has had a dream of la dolce vita at least once in their life. Especially portrayed so beautifully in iconic movies like Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat Pray Love. Famed for indulgent food, welcoming weather, and more importantly fun activities, a tour of Italy should be on your travel list for this summer.

Whether you’re searching for a city break to spend 3 - 4 days touring this European destination, or have the luxury of a two week coastal beach holiday, Italy can provide both. But where do you choose once you’ve narrowed down your summer travel plans to Italy?

  • For history lovers: Tour Rome - housing art, architecture, and culture, this city is sure to tickle your curious mind
  • For foodies: Florence - laden with rustic Tuscan dishes, this region is often thought of as the birthplace to Italian gastronomy… the very definition of “I’ll have what she’s having”
  • For sun worshipers: Amalfi Coast - decorated in pastel hues and pops of lemon yellow, this coastal region is the top of our summer travel list when wanting the sun
barcelona spain


  • Flight travel time from UK: 2 hours and 10 minutes (average)
  • Flight travel time from USA: Between 7 hours and 11 hours and 45 minutes

Eager to say hola to summer in style? Spain is ready to greet you the moment you step off the plane. Be prepared for passionate and expressive exchanges between locals, cuisines that warm your soul, and stunning beaches to sink your toes into. Averaging a daytime temperature of around 30 degrees throughout the summer months, it’s worth touring Spain if a beach holiday is on your agenda. But if activities involving the shade are more your style, this country has plenty to offer you.

  • For history lovers: Granada - here you’ll be able to witness first hand the monumental and striking architecture of the Alhambra
  • For foodies: San Sebastián, Basque Region - home to Michelin starred restaurants and innovative chefs, the Basque region will continuously excite your taste buds
  • For sun worshipers: Alicante - located on the southeastern coast of Spain, if sunshine is what you want, this region should be at the top of your summer travel list
porto lisbon


  • Flight travel time from UK: 2 hours and 50 minutes (average)
  • Flight travel time from USA: Between 6 hours and 25 minutes and 8 hours and 20 minutes

Combining the bustle of the cities with the serene nature of the countryside, what can’t Portugal offer its guests? As a popular gastronomy stop for tourists, your summer travel plans need to include a tour of Portugal. Within the north of the country you’ll find the famed wine region, producing thousands of gallons of Port, and oozing with old-world charms. The south receives the best of the Mediterranean climate, which you can enjoy while savouring fresh seafood and pastel de natas.

  • For history lovers: Porto - walk it or tram it - this vibrant city sure packs a punch with impressive architecture
  • For foodies: Lisbon - serving both classical and new-wave portuguese dishes, if you plan to immerse yourself in food this summer, it has to be in Lisbon
  • For sun worshipers: Albufeira - noted as one of the warmest European winter destinations, the Algarve is the perfect spot to soak in the summer sunshine

Travelling in Summer FAQs

Think Europe is the summer travel destination for you? While the biggest decision may now have been decided, we’re sure you still have a number of questions before you jet off this season.

Is Europe Safe for Solo Travellers?

Yes, Europe is a safe location for solo travellers touring this region. Although, as ever, you should still act with caution when on your own. Within our guide to solo travelling through Europe, we share our own tips and tricks for staying safe, while ensuring you still get the most out of your trip. Luckily, our small-group tours are the perfect bridge between a fully planned trip and exploring the destination on your own terms. Ready to share stories and tapas with new friends?

What Do I Pack to Travel Europe in the Summer?

Packing essentials are very dependent on the travel destination you choose this summer. Giving a full overview of things you may need to know before travelling to Europe, our list can try to help avoid any excess baggage and weight fee. We all know you need the extra space for the souvenirs you intend to take home.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Europe?

If travelling from the UK or USA, currently you don’t need a visa for a short term stay in a European country within the agreed Schengen Area. This means as a tourist, you can stay for 90 days or less in a 180-day period. This being said, there are certain regulations you do need to consider before flying such as, the remaining period left on your passport before expiry. If in doubt, you can head to the GOV.UK website or travel.state.gov, which will be able to help advise you further.

Escape to Sun-Soaked Destinations With Rabbie’s


Temperatures are rising and we’re ready to embrace the adventures summer holds for us. Providing a safe way to travel to multiple European destinations, our small-group tours are led by an english-speaking guide. Being more of a local prior to your arrival, they will not only provide you with an enjoyable trip, but they will also share insights you may only get from experiencing the location first hand. For more travel inspiration, be sure to sign up to our newsletter, where you can be one of the first to know about new tour dates and locations on offer.

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