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An Interview with our Guide, Helen Sim

Posted on 12 Oct 2023

We love our driver-guides. Without them, our tours don't run. Without their devotion and energies, our tours wouldn't have the same level of passion. We truly believe that you'll love our guides too. 

So, throw away your guidebooks and turn off that sat nav. Our driver-guides know your once-in-a-lifetime trip isn’t a checklist of 'must-sees'. It’s an experience that blends local stories with epic destinations. 

Helen Sim is one of those driver-guides and we'd love for you to meet her!

1. Introduce yourself, please.

Hello! My name's Helen and I've been a driver-guide for almost 11 years now. I started working for Rabbies in early 2017.

I'm originally from Glasgow but I now live just outside of Fort William. I'm very happy in the Highlands and can't see myself leaving anytime soon. Everyone should move here! You just need to have a good jacket. 

2. Do you have hobbies?

I'm happiest when I'm outside. My favourite thing to do (which sounds slightly dull now that I'm writing it down) is to study OS Maps, and find new trails to walk or hills to climb. When I'm working with Rabbie's I'm surrounded by people all day, so in my free time I like to hike somewhere random and know that I'm the only human for miles around. 

I also love to travel, and I'm very lucky to be able to spend every winter travelling abroad; usually South America. Everyone should try and make it to Patagonia at one point in their lives. It's the only place I've ever been that's more beautiful than Scotland- just. 

3. Finish this sentence: Everyone in the world should…

Everyone in the world should.....go to Patagonia (see above). Or Scotland, the more affordable alternative. 

4. What’s your tip for Rabbie’s passengers?

My tip for all Rabbie's passengers is to pack plenty of changes of clothes. For ALL types of weather. Waterproof trousers are possibly the best invention of modern times. Make use of them!

helen sim

5. What would your ultimate tour of the British Isles include?

My ultimate tour of the British Isles would start with taking a train out of London (the city that most people fly into), and head straight to Scotland. Why bother with anywhere else? Scotland needs much more time than most people give it. The Borders area of Scotland is often overlooked, so start there and slowly work your way upwards. All the way to Shetland, if you can. There is so much more to Scotland than Edinburgh/Loch Ness/Skye. Take your time and travel slowly!

6. What’s your favourite tour story you tell?

My favourite story to tell? That's such a hard question! I don't think I could possibly choose a favourite. What I would like to do would be to tell more happy Scottish tales! I feel like the majority of them end in death, drowning, or children being taken away. So if anyone reading this hears of a Scottish tale with a happy ending, please let me know. 

helen sim

7. What made you want to become a driver-guide?

I have always loved talking! Especially about all things Scotland. And being able to spend a lot of time outdoors is really important to me. Being a driver-guide with Rabbie’s combines both of those things perfectly. 

8. For people visiting Scotland for the first time, what should they know?

Give yourself more time in Scotland than you think you’ll need. There’s so much to see and our roads aren’t built for speed. Oh and don’t be upset if it rains. It keeps the midges away!

If visiting Edinburgh, take a free tour of the Scottish Parliament. The inside of the building is incredible and it’s great to have such open access to a working Parliament.

And if you head over to Glasgow, you must see the museums! Kelvingrove, GOMA, the Riverside Museum....they’re all incredible and they’re all free.

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