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Scenery, Stories, and Spirit

Stand in the bustling streets of Notting Hill and spot the blue door. Gaze in awe at the sweeping vistas of a Jane Austen countryside. Visit the medieval market town where Shakespeare was born. Explore the grand architecture of the castles of Harry Potter and Downton Abbey.

England is a land of stories, both fiction and fact. It's country of grand empires, gorgeous villages, and endless green hills. Travel through England and discover the beauty and history of one of the world's most influential countries. You might be surprised by just how much you can see on our small group tours. From Cornwall’s dramatic views to Wales’ untold stories, historic Bath to the pirates-favourite Pembrokeshire Coastline, we have a selection of 1–8-day tours departing from London, Manchester, and Bristol.

Why you'll love England

Mossy villages and rolling hills

You can venture into the mountains of the Lake District and see scenery that rivals any of the country’s neighbours.

Or you can head south to discover beaches that look like they’ve been transported straight from the Maldives.

The people of England

The English character is reserved, quiet, and bit obsessed with the weather.

You find characters with a creative imagination and an intelligent sense of humour. And you’ll get on well if you always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

The food (it's better than you thought)

There were jokes about English food. The neighbours laughed at the lack of spices and culinary nuances.

But these comments aren’t relevant now. You can now gorge on delicious seafood, indulge in Michelin star restaurants, and eat sumptuous traditional pies.

A global wonder

England’s influence is immense. A fifth of the world’s population lived in their empire, and their language is officially spoken by 51 countries.

This makes it fascinating to visit. You find museums of wonders, ornate palaces, and landscapes that surprise you at every turn.

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