Tours from Edinburgh

Journey to England From Scotland’s Capital

Why visit one country when you can easily do two? Cross the border from Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, and tour parts of England in as little as a day. As a creative - yet historic - hub, housing castles, annual comedy festivals, and open green landscapes, you may wonder why you’d want to visit anywhere outside of Scotland? But believe us, there is so much more to uncover beyond a city's walls. Maybe the calming whispers of The Lake District are calling your name, or you want to re-enact your favourite Harry Potter scenes on a castle tour of Alnwick Castle? Taking a trip around England turns these dreams into a reality, and it starts when you depart from Edinburgh.     


Planning Your Tour from Edinburgh

Edinburgh as a departure point provides many modes of transport for you to see the rest of the UK, but you still need to plan your tour of England. Do you do a small-group tour or take your trip solo? How many days do you have? Luckily we have the perfect guide to help. Find out how to plan your short trip with our expert advice.

Travel Responsibly from Edinburgh

We love touring England from Edinburgh and experiencing the sights beyond the Scottish borders. From the Yorkshire Dales, to Roman Britain, each day tour from Edinburgh has something special to offer its guests. Through our responsible travel initiative, we donate, volunteer, use small mini-coaches, and do as much as we can to protect locations for future generations to enjoy.

Did You Know?

- Annually in August, the city of Edinburgh hosts the world's largest art festival, Fringe Festival (or Fringe Fest for short).
- Edinburgh Castle is built on top of an extinct volcano called ‘Castle Rock’. This location helped make the capital's castle one of the best fortresses in Scotland.

Don't Miss Out

- Gain 360 degree views of Edinburgh when you scale to the rooftop platform of the National Museum on Chambers Street.
- Gaining further attraction thanks to Netflix’s One Day, hike Arthur’s Seat for yourself - only thing to ask is who is the Dex to your Emma?