My Heart is in the Highlands: A Journey to Scotland
4 day tour

  • Stirling Castle
  • Loch Ness
  • Edinburgh
  • Oban seafood
  • Rabbie's Bus in Highlands Scotland
  • Glen Coe

New for 2025 - Historic, dramatic, unforgettable. Perhaps you won’t return to England after journeying through some of Scotland's most passionate places.

Tour map

Tour Highlights

Boat Cruises


As magical as city’s come, Scotland’s capital will enchant and mystify – from Dean Village to Old Town 


Explore this vibrant city bursting with music and history... and St. Valentine’s forearm   

Loch Ness

It’s your turn to hunt for Nessie at Scotland’s most famous loch 


This famous viaduct was featured in one of the Harry Potter movies 


The dramatic beauty of the Glencoe valley is something worth marveling at 

Stirling Castle

History and beauty collide in one of Scotland’s greatest stone castles 

Lake District

England’s tapestry of mountains, lakes, valleys, and forests is waiting for you to enjoy 


Your journey


Ever thought about the word ‘passion’? What it means, what it signifies, what people think of when they say the word. For us, we think of Scotland. In its history, its architecture, its landscapes, its people... all of them passionate. Enduring beauty, remarkable stories, jaw-dropping landscapes. The kinds of places that make you say, ‘I already want to come back here’... or perhaps never leave. Which is why we take you from the bustling city of Manchester into Scotland to see some of its highlights. It’s up to you if you choose to stay in the land of haggis and bagpipes, or return to literary England. 

From picturesque Glencoe to eerie Loch Ness, bustling Glasgow to majestic Edinburgh, this adventure is for those who love one or all of the following: nature, history, cities, and adventure. 


Tour Details

Check-in closes at 07:45 (tour departs at 08:00) - Manchester Piccadilly (Store Street) Pick Up, Coach parking bays, Store Street (Boad Street intersection), Manchester, M1 2WD
Finishes (approx.)
19:00 - Manchester Piccadilly(Store Street) Drop Off, Manchester Piccadilly Station, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD
Leaving us in Edinburgh? You can end your tour in Edinburgh if you wish to continue your travels with a drop off in the city centre at 1.30pm
You're restricted to 20kg (44lbs) of luggage per person. This should be one piece of luggage similar to an airline carry-on bag (approximately 55cm x 45cm x 25cm / 22in x 17in x 10in) and a small bag for onboard personal items. You can find details about luggage storage options here.

Students, seniors over 60, and children between 5 and 15 (unfortunately, we don't carry children under 5 years old).

Important information
  • Pack your waterproof clothing and walking shoes
  • Some attraction tickets can be purchased in advance when you book your tour. You’ll have the option to add at check-out. Other attractions will not be available to book beforehand, instead you can purchase those while on tour.
Tour inclusions
  • Transportation by a 16 seat Mercedes mini-coach
  • Air conditioning as standard
  • The stories and services of an English-speaking driver-guide
Tour exclusions
  • Tour accommodation
  • Attraction entry tickets


Day 1

  • Marvel at the Lake District, a landscape that inspired writers like Beatrix Potter 
  • Whether you love history, food, music, or architecture, Glasgow has something for you 
  • Gaze out over the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond 

An early start in Manchester but we promise it will be worth it. Our first stop is the charming village of Pooley Bridge in England’s stunning Lake District. It’s hard not to fall in love with this English tapestry of majestic landscapes, so make sure your camera is ready. You’ll likely be inspired to passion and creativity just like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter were. 

Grab yourself a coffee or small treat and enjoy a peaceful stroll down to see the beautiful waters of Ullswater Lake.  

Now it’s time to say goodbye to England and head into the dramatic landscapes of bonnie Scotland. We head straight for the city of Glasgow where you’ll have a couple of hours to grab a bite to eat and explore this lively metropolis. Known for its music scene and beloved for its vibrancy, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied. But I bet you didn’t know that Glasgow is also known for being a leader in the shipping industry. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Glasgow’s shipyards were among the most productive and innovative in the world and are in part responsible for the city we know and love today. 

In the afternoon, we head for the wee village of Luss in Argyll and Bute. Keep your camera handy on the journey, as we’ll be passing through stunning West Highland scenery. Sitting snugly on the west bank of Loch Lomond, no visit to Luss is complete without taking in the views of Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond from the end of the pier.  

What’s next will depend on the day, and your driver-guide will show off beautiful Scottish towns and landscapes depending on the weather, the route, and what they think the group might like best. But rest assured, still waters, stunning viewpoints, wee towns... there's almost too much to see in Scotland. 

As the day comes to an end, we make our way to the westerly town of Oban. Known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland, make sure you complete this overnight stay with a sampling or two.  

Day 2

  • Cruise around Loch Ness and see if you can spot Nessie 
  • Admire the beautiful viaduct that the ‘Hogwarts Express’ runs along 
  • Be moved by the haunting beauty and tragic tales of Glen Coe 

Today you delve into the highlights of the Scottish Highlands. It was Scotland’s beloved poet Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns who rightly put: ‘Wherever I wander, wherever I rove, the hills of the Highlands forever I'll love.’  

And we understand Rabbie’s obsession... why do you think our company exists in the first place? So you can share in our love, our passion, our obsession. 

We head to the town of Fort Augustus, situated on the banks of the world-famous Loch Ness. Time to find Nessie for yourself? Here you’ll have time to grab a quick bite to eat and jump on a cruise on the loch itself. Keep your cameras ready, just in case. But it’s not just Nessie that will intrigue you here. Something about the dark waters of Loch Ness, the possibility of what (else) might lurk beneath, the rules and restrictions around diving here... all of that will have you scratching your head... 

In the afternoon, we journey onwards to the jaw-dropping Glenfinnan Viaduct. Many know this bridge as the ‘Harry Potter bridge’, seen at the start of the second movie when Harry and Ron attempt to catch up to the Hogwarts Express Train by using a flying car. We all know how that turned out. While we cannot guarantee that the Jacobite Steam Train will pass over the bridge during our visit, it remains a wonderful viewpoint and incredible feat of engineering for you to enjoy and photograph. 

We then head towards the famous Scottish valley of Glen Coe. The sheer majesty of the surrounding mountain scenery will fill up your camera... and once we reach the Three Sister’s Viewpoint, you’ll feel certain that you’ve slipped into a dream. Perhaps you’ll dream of romance, just as the three sisters once did. Legend has it they fell in love with three brothers from a neighbouring clan, whom they were forbidden to marry. Desperate, devoted, and heartbroken, the sisters climbed high into the mountains and threw themselves from the cliffs. Supposedly, their spirits still wander the mountains to this day, searching for their lost loves.  

... Nobody ever said Scotland was a cheery place.  

We head back to Oban for the evening.  


Day 3

  • Snap pictures of Kilchurn Castle and the mystic Loch Awe 
  • No one can deny the impressive history and views at Stirling Castle 

We love starting our days off strong, and that’s why we head to Kilchurn Castle first thing this morning. This power base of the Campbells of Glenorchy looks out over the mystic Loch Awe. It’s all in the name really. It’s one of the most photographed castles in Scotland for a reason. 

As we continue our journey, we arrive in the village of Killin. While a popular destination for salmon fishing and watersports, you’ll be visiting today for a wee explore and a bite to eat.  

In the afternoon, you’ll be visiting one of Scotland’s most famous castles, the ‘Key to Scotland’. Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s greatest stone castles, a 12th- century masterpiece that is a testament to the history and power of this region. From the Great Hall to the majestic views of Royal Park, there’s plenty to see here. Alternatively, you could pop down the hill into the town of Stirling to explore the numerous shops and restaurants. Lucky for you, this is our overnight stay and tonight you’ll sleep under the shadow of this impressive castle.  


Day 4

  • From the castle to Dean Village, Old Town to New, there’s ample to do in Scotland's capital of Edinburgh 

We’ll be saying goodbye to Scotland today but not before popping in for a visit at Scotland’s capital, the magical city of Edinburgh. There’s just something about Edinburgh. Maybe it’s the sound of cars driving on cobblestone streets. Perhaps it’s the way Edinburgh Castle watches over the city in quiet contemplation. Maybe it’s the peaceful beauty of Dean Village. Or maybe it’s the history-infused alleyways of the Old Town.  

Whichever part you fall in love with, you’ll have several hours here to explore and grab a bite to eat before an important decision must be made. Do you stay in Scotland or return to England? Because that part’s up to you. Perhaps you’ll linger in Edinburgh a while, like many of its ghosts have done, and explore bonnie Scotland a wee bit further. Or perhaps you’ll head back down south to England and the rest of the world...


Tour Attractions

You are able to pre-purchase entrance tickets to the following attractions at the time of booking:

  • Stirling Castle
  • Cruise Loch Ness

Other attractions may be booked and paid locally during the tour.


Where does this tour stay overnight?

You stay two nights in Oban and one night in Stirling.

How can I book accommodation?

Accommodation is not included in the price of your tour. To book accommodation, there are two options: either Rabbie’s Tours can book it for you, or you can book your own. For information on how to do this, please see the ‘Accommodation’ tab on FAQ page HERE.

Alternatively, please email us your questions at or call us on +44(0)131 226 3133.

Information you can find on the FAQ page, under the ‘Accommodation’ tab: types of accommodation, room types, the booking process, getting to and from your accommodation, and cancellation terms.

How much will the accommodation cost?

We book accommodation with third-party providers on your behalf and each property sets their own rates. Rates vary considerably depending on the accommodation standard, facilities, location, and local demand. We therefore can’t tell you exactly how much your accommodation will cost until your request has been allocated to a specific property.

As a guide, you can expect to pay the following prices, per person per night:


Approximate prices, per person per night

Overnight Location


Sole Occupancy

Multiple Occupancy


(1 person per room)

(2+ people per room)

B&B Standard

£80 - £120

£60 - £80

UK & Northern Ireland

€80 - €120

€60 - €80


B&B En-suite

£100 - £145

£55 - £95

UK & Northern Ireland

€100 - €145

€55 - €100



£110 - £190

£75 - £150

UK & Northern Ireland

€130 - €235

€75 - €150


NOTE: Prices quoted are for guidance only and may be higher on some occasions, especially for last-minute bookings and when demand is high (E.g. peak season, weekends, holidays, special events etc)

Breakfast will be included unless otherwise noted. The type of breakfast provided will vary from place to place so you may receive either a full cooked breakfast, a continental style breakfast (E.g., toast, fruit, cereal), or a packed breakfast bag or tray (E.g., porridge pot, fruit, granola bar).


Do you offer hotel pickups in the departure cities?

The UK and Ireland's historic city centres are full of narrow streets and winding roads. So, to speed up your departure, we only pick up from our central meeting points. What's more is leaving the city using the most direct route also reduces the carbon footprint of our tours.

Is there parking close to the departure point?

We don't recommend bringing your car into the centre of our departure cities. It can be hard to find parking, and there are excellent public transportation services.

When should I get to the departure point?

Arrive 15 minutes before your departure time. Due to waiting restrictions, we can't wait for you if you're late.

What happens if I'm late or miss the tour?

If you're late for your tour, our cancellation policy applies. 100% charges are applicable, and you will not be entitled to a refund or alternative.

What are your cancellation policies?

Your cancellation terms depend on which tour you've booked.

For one-day tours: You'll receive a full refund if you cancel 24 hours or more before the tour departure

For tours of between two and nine days: You'll receive a 90% refund if you cancel 15 or more days before the tour departure

For tours of 10 or more days: You'll receive a 90% refund if you cancel 21 or more days before the tour departure

For all European packaged tours: You'll receive a 90% refund if you cancel 42 days before the tour departure.

If you cancel inside these notice periods, full charges will apply and no refunds will be issued.

To cancel your booking, email as soon as possible. The effective date of cancellation will be the date we receive written confirmation from you.

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Can Itineraries change?

Your tour will always follow the itinerary as closely as possible. Your driver-guide will keep you up to date on the road, and we'll try to get in touch about any large changes prior to your departure.

Can I pre-book a specific seat?

Due to logistical reasons, we're unable to let you pre-book a seat on the bus. But our comfortable 16-seat mini-coaches have huge windows. So, you'll always get a good view.

Are there toilets on the bus?

Unfortunately, we have no on-board toilet facilities, but you'll have regular comfort breaks.

How do you cater for people with accessibility needs?

We aim to accommodate everyone. To read more information on how we do this, click here to go to our accessibility guide.

Do you take children on your tours?

We regret we don't carry children under the age of five on our scheduled tours.

You can ask us about the tours we recommend for younger children. And if your child is less than 1.35m tall, you should let us know, so we can provide them with a suitable booster seat.

How much time do I get off the bus?

We want you to enjoy Britain and Ireland. And we believe the best way to do this is to get you off the mini-coach and out exploring. So, we give you plenty of time to take photos, go walking, and explore ancient ruins.

Why do you exclude visitor attractions?

We exclude visitor attractions in your tour price because it lets you travel your way. It means you can pamper yourself with a luxury lunch or skip an attraction whenever you feel like it.

Do we need to bring our own lunch?

You don't need to. We stop in small towns, villages, and rural eateries where you can choose whatever meal pleases both your taste buds and your budget.

Should I tip the driver-guide?

Let's be honest, our driver-guides would never refuse a cheeky bonus. But it's up to you, and the amount is entirely at your discretion.

What about travel insurance?

We advise you take out travel insurance.

What is ABTOT?

You're protected by ABTOT when you chose to let us reserve your accommodation on a multi-day tour. This means you can claim back anything you've paid us if we become bankrupt. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

I have more questions, who can help me?

If you have any more questions, call us on +44(0)131 226 3133, email , or check out our full FAQs .

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