Bathe in Beauty


Explore where centuries of stories are carved into stone...

Why wouldn't you want to visit a city which was built purely for pleasure and relaxation? Isn't that what a holiday is all about, after all? The ancient city of Bath is so well-versed in wellbeing, you may never want to leave its thermal walls.

There is a kind of healing power here. The spa water found within the famous Roman Baths is thriving with 43 different minerals... and a distinctive scent. Are you game to give it a try?

It's not just the Roman influence that will keep history buffs interested when visiting Bath. Fans of Jane Austen can head straight for The Jane Austen Centre. Art lovers and history fanatics will feel the pull of the many museums and galleries in town.

It's all waiting just for you.

Why you'll love Bath

Roman Baths

The ancient Roman Baths are as beautiful as they are intriguing. Discover the alleged healing properties of the water and marvel at this Roman feat of engineering.

Splendid Architecture

Bath’s grand Georgian architecture is world-renowned. Take a turn around Royal Crescent and The Circus before strolling over Pulteney Bridge.

Fantastic Shopping

Bath has been an epicentre of fashionable society throughout British history. And not much has changed. Peruse Bath’s glittering emporiums and designer boutiques for bespoke gifts.

Cultural Playground

Jane Austen may have disliked Bath, but a city which inspired two of her novels cannot be so bad. Imagine yourself as the heroine of Northanger Abbey or Persuasion as you roam the streets.

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