Devon and Cornwall


The English Wild West


Stunning golden beaches. Wild expanses of granite moorland. Cosy villages. Ancient castles. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? But England's Wild West has a dark side. Besieging the land were not-so-chivalric knights. Stealing into the night, canny smugglers stole off with their newly acquired goods. Hell dogs prowled in the darkest corners, waiting for their next victims.

And yet... Devon and Cornwall trick you with their beauty. They've always done things their own way, drawing people in. Creating legends and myths. Enticing you with promises of adventure and grandeur. It's the land of Arthurian myths, after all. A haven for Celtic culture. A paradise for nature and food lovers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Be tempted.

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Why you'll love Devon and Cornwall

Cornish Beaches

From secluded, rocky coves perfect for smugglers to vast strands of golden sand loved by the visitors; the beaches in Cornwall have won more beauty contests than you’ve had holidays.

Tintagel Castle

History and legend are intertwined at Tintagel. This dramatic ruined castle was an early medieval settlement for Cornish rulers. But some also believe it was where King Arthur was born.

Land’s End

Dramatic cliffs, crashing waves, and stunning sunsets. People have been fascinated by the most westerly point of Britain for centuries.


On a sunny day, this wild moorlands with granite hills and grazing ponies can be idyllic. But when the fog rolls in, it changes to an eerie place where the hound of the Baskervilles roams.

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