The Lake District


England's Premier National Park


Picture this. You're children's author Beatrix Potter. Well... maybe not quite yet. For now, you're just Beatrix. A little girl on holiday with her family in the Lake District. Tucked up at the base a bramley apple tree, toes wiggling in the cool blades of grass, you see a dusty rabbit dash a cross the field before you.

Overhead, a Red Kite circles. Your heart spikes. Will that cute little bunny be its next meal?

Now, we're not saying this was the moment that inspired Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit, but it's certainly possible, isn't it? The beauty of the Lake District has inspired many famous writers over the years. We just love Wordsworth's poems, don't you? 

But what we care about is your experience. How will the Lake District move you? To words? To tears? Perhaps you're a photographer. Or maybe you love nothing more than staring at trees. Whatever draws you in, the Lake District is one of England's greatest destinations.  

Why you'll love the Lake District

Rolling Hills

Lush green hills and valleys tumble across this gorgeous landscape. It’s no wonder the likes of Wordsworth and Tennyson were inspired by its boundless beauty.

Charming Villages

Cosy pubs, welcoming teahouses and Grasmere’s famous home-made gingerbread await you in the villages of the Lake District. Bask in the warm hospitality of the locals.

Mysterious Stone Circles

Castlerigg Stone Circle is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and engulfed in mystery. Secret Pagan rituals took place here five thousand years ago. Will you feel the shadows lurking around you?

Tranquil Lakes

Whether the sun is shining, or mist is gathering on the shores, the lakes in this part of England are enchanting. On a still day you can view entire vistas in the glassy reflection of the water.

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