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Our Small Group Tours of Europe

The clichés found when travelling Europe are true.

Chocolate is tastier from confectioneries toured in Swiss villages, Mediterranean sunsets look like impressionist paintings, and the Roman Empire’s influences are found in every corner of the continent. But when you travel in Europe, you also discover things you never imagined. You experience tour through Italian mountains adorned with pagan myths, ancient Spanish cities dangling off the sides of cliffs, and pastel de nata that redefines the simple egg custard tart.

On our small-group tours, we focus on the unexpected joys of Europe instead of the stereotypes. We do this to avoid the crowds and let you enjoy the true soul of the continent. You travel on mini-coaches with an expert driver and guide, stay in hand-picked travel accommodation, choose the attractions you pay for, support local communities, and go beyond the guidebooks. Discover our fresh style of small-group tours in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Switzerland below.

Why You'll Love Europe


Cuisines to Impress

From sampling fruit at a Florentine market stall to tasting ten tapas dishes in ten minutes when exploring the streets of Portugal, our small-group tours to Europe take you to the places the chefs dream about.

Envious Landscapes

On every one of our tours, there’s a moment you step back, take a deep breath, and say ‘WOW!’ We travel to national parks, Alpine vistas, tree-lined lakes, and Europe’s best natural wonders.

Step Back in History

Gaze from a rampart and imagine a stampede of warriors, feel the breath of past prayers in a Gothic cathedral, and envision the masters in Renaissance Florence. Our story-telling driver-guides take you back in time.

Culture to Absorb

Before you’re able to pronounce ‘grazie mille’ you’re already practising your flamenco moves in a Spanish bar. Travel through European countries and embrace a kaleidoscope of cultures. The only question left to answer is where will you begin?

Our Europe Tours