13 Day Tours of Europe

Multi-Day European Escapes

13 Days in Europe is calling, are you ready to answer? Depart on a multi-day holiday and find yourself soaking in new phrases, tantalising your taste buds with delicious food and drinks, all while exploring the local landscapes. A history enthusiast looking to collect visits to the Italian UNESCO World Heritage sites? Intrigued to try a vintage red wine in the Rioja region of Spain? Maybe a keen winter sports person looking to appreciate the Swiss landscape in sunnier climates?

Taking a European tour truly has it all to offer. Whether you are coupled, travelling with friends or experiencing the regions on a solo travel adventure, you will take home more than souvenirs. Make unforgettable memories that you can share for a lifetime.  


Planning Your 13 Day Tour of Europe

Italian tour or a trip through Switzerland, which do you choose? With nearly two weeks to experience Europe, you have time to cross borders, dip your toes into multiple cultures and dive into the sumptuous cuisines of both. Research is key and can be helpful to make the most of your down time on tour. Let our team help and inspire you.

Iconic Landmarks to Experience

On each 13-day tour, you have the opportunity to book additional attractions which may be on your must-see list. A royal palace carved in history while touring Portugal? A vineyard from your favourite winery while in Spain? Whatever whets your appetite, be sure to check what's already included in your trip.

Did You Know?

- Madrid is home to some of the best museums in the world, so make sure you head to the ‘Golden Triangle’ of museums.

- You can’t visit Italy without sampling the gelato. Be sure to visit the city of Florence, where this country’s famous dessert originated.

Don't Miss Out

- If you’ve got some time and the stomach for it, there’s over 120km of trails along the Cinque Terre coastline, you can even walk from town to town.

- Sprinkled with gorgeous Basque architecture, San Sebastian’s Old Town is full of yummy restaurants and shops spotted throughout alleys and plazas.