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What is it that makes a 3 - 4 day tour of Europe great? Meandering canal-side with a gelato in Venice? Discovering the stories of a once-and-still powerful monastery? Dipping your feet into clear blue water in Spain? Touring Europe has a thousand and one things for you to experience, explore, and encounter. You’ll walk away with more than just souvenirs, you’ll have new memories and stories to share with those you meet later on in life.

You’ll have those special moments of bonding with people over having visited and loved the same unique place. Whether savouring your first bite of pasteis de nata when touring Portugal or recapturing the beautiful lakes a tour of Switzerland can provide, each memory holds unique sentimental value.

And if you need more than 3-4 days, we also have 6-day tours and 13-day tours available to book.

So, what’s stopping you?


Get the Most Out of Your 3 - 4 Day Europe Tour

Roaming Europe for 3 - 4 days is more than you can imagine. It’s got worlds within worlds, each with its own culture, customs, and cuisines. So make sure to plan your short trip to Europe to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Iconic Experiences of Europe

What do you want out of a 3 - 4 day tour of Europe? Tapas while touring Spain? Gelato after a day trip in Italy? Whatever it is, you're bound to find it. Experience it. Revel in it. From sipping wines to exploring castles, Europe is a feast for the senses.

Did You Know?

- The lesser-known Basque region boasts one of the oldest cultures (and languages) in Europe

- You can’t visit Italy without sampling the gelato. Be sure to visit the city of Florence, where this country’s famous dessert originated.

Don't Miss Out

- Go beyond the main piazzas in Venice and explore the labyrinth of winding streets, canals, and bridges of this iconic city.

- Be dazzled by the history, spectacular architecture, and magic of Flamenco in Seville.