6 Day Tours of Europe

European Worlds Within Worlds

What do you think of when someone says a 6-day Europe tour? Meandering canal-side with a gelato in Venice? Discovering the stories of a once-and-still powerful monastery? Sampling Gruyère cheese in the very country that started it all? When touring Europe you have a thousand and one things to experience, explore, and encounter. And with 6 days, you have plenty of time to experience the magic. Nevertheless, for those lucky enough to spend longer, 13-day European tours are also available.

You’ll walk away with more than just souvenirs, you’ll have new memories and stories to share with those you meet later on in life. You’ll have those special moments of bonding with people over having visited and loved the same unique place.

So, what’s stopping you? European worlds are calling to be explored.


Get the Most Out of Your Tour

Which is why research is key. From finding the best recommended restaurants while touring Switzerland to experiencing authentic festivals and celebrations on a tour of Italy. Let our team help with your planning.

Iconic Landmarks to See

Fueled by history, architecture and iconic attractions, European countries offer a wealth of experiences to its guests, from sipping vintage wines in a scenic vineyard on a tour of Spain to roaming the royal palaces on a Portugal tour.

Did You Know?

- Bologna’s Alma Mater Studiorum was founded in 1088 and is regarded as the oldest university in the Western world.

- The city of Porto is nicknamed Invicta, which means invincible in Portuguese.

- Ever heard of Gruyère cheese? It’s pretty famous. And you can sample some in the idyllic village of the same name.

Don't Miss Out

- Explore the labyrinth town of Matera and its 9000-year-old cave houses.

- Passionate, beautiful Florence is Italian Renaissance art and architecture at its finest.

- The little Swiss village of Gruyères has it all: a mediaeval castle, charming houses, and legendary cheese and chocolate.