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Small Group Tours of Spain

Dalí, Gaudí, Picasso: the Spanish are masters at breaking the rules. And that’s what we love about this European destination. In Spain, their bars are open far later than should be allowed, their food packs in more flavour than possible, and their music can turn the most heavy-footed person into a dancing queen.

And with the option to tour Spain from Barcelona, or begin your trip in Madrid, opens the possibility of discovering more of the gems this country has to offer its guests. Are you ready to tour Spain and join the party?

On our friendly small group tours through Spain, you travel deep into the traditions and discover the unsung wonders and bombastic highlights. You taste deep red wines of the Rioja, see sun-soaked Moorish architecture, and survey landscapes that are as enigmatic as they are beguiling. Just be careful, you may be inspired to bend the rules yourself a little after these trips.

Why you'll love a trip to Spain


Famous and Fabulous Food

The Spanish have entire streets dedicated to a single type of ham; they spray each other with red wine at the Vino wine festivals; and they spend hours on their lunch breaks. Cuisine is a blessing that the Spanish never take for granted. Whether travelling solo, or within a group, there is plenty for all to enjoy.

The Passion of the Spanish

If you’re going to do it, do it passionately. The Spaniards party, work, and play with an emotional intensity that’s mesmerising and inspiring. Upon your return from touring Spain, you may find yourself more passionate than ever. What can we say, it's contagious!

A Kaleidoscope of History

Spain almost touches the African continent. This means the country’s architecture and art is a culmination of rich kaleidoscopic patterns and styles from divergent cultures. Discover more history hotspots, such as La Sagrrada Familia or the Alhambra Palace, when travelling to Spain with the help of our best things to do guide.

Stunning Landscapes

The ‘Coast of Death’ collides with the Atlantic Ocean in a spectacle of cliffs and white sands; the Pyrenean Mountains gently unfold into the rolling hills of La Rioja: Words simply can’t describe the poetic beauty of Spain’s natural wonders. If you crave even more natural beauty and wonder, partner your Spanish adventure with a quick trip to Portugal.

Spain Tours