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Small Group Tours of Switzerland

Touring Switzerland may already be on your list for 2024. Who wouldn’t want to visit a mountain-studded landscape awash with lakes, cheese, and chocolate? But there is so much beauty hidden amongst this country's walls, we want you to experience every inch.

It sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Indeed, a lot of us believe touring Switzerland is as good as it gets. There are dramatic alpine vistas, villages with oodles of charm and friendly faces, and Mother Nature’s grandest waterfalls.

On our small-group tours through Switzerland, you visit Lauterbrunnen, Gruyères, and more of the country’s classic destinations. Join a European trip and discover whether you think Switzerland is as paradisiacal as we do.

Why you'll love a Swiss tour


Warming Food for the Soul

Rambling over mountains is hard work. So Swiss food focuses on giving you more fat than you need. You can’t go wrong indulging in melted cheeses and muesli as you tour across the Swiss Alps.

Colourful Landscapes

The Swiss Alps are outrageously beautiful. Deep green valleys, electric blue lakes and snow-capped mountains. Always keep your camera ready on these journeys.

People Past the Stereotypes

Swiss stereotypes are well-known: on-time and polite. But they should be famous for so much more. They produced geniuses such as Einstein and Jung and made many of the world’s most famous watches.

Centuries Old Traditions

Switzerland has been proudly neutral and avoided warfare for hundreds of years. With four national languages and a mixture of different lifestyles, when you take a trip around the country, you can understand why they chose to never pick a side.

Switzerland Tours