Tours from Lisbon


Trips from the Capital of Portugal


There’s something about Lisbon that makes you feel like an explorer.

Maybe it’s the city’s seafaring past and dizzyingly delightful maze of streets.

But when you’ve seen the colourful azulejos, listened to the haunting music of Fado, and tasted the legendary Pastéis de Belém, your soul still yearns for more.

When this happens, let our friendly guide whisk you on a tour of Portugal. Savour the wines of the Douro Valley, marvel at the Moorish architecture of Óbidos, wander through the rustic village of Soajo in a national park, and much more.

And if you want to go beyond this captivating country, just go further on our tours through Europe.

Find your ideal tour from Lisbon below.


Tour Like a Local From Lisbon

Whether you tour for 3-4 days, or have the delight of a longer 13-day trip around Europe, Portugal is a country not to miss. Touring from Lisbon provides the chance to experience both the bustling city life and the hidden countryside gems you may not find from reading travel books. Ready to take home more than souvenirs?

Capture The Iconic Sights

Portugal’s revelling in history, waiting for you to unlock the secrets hidden within its walls. Starting from Lisbon, let our driver-guides lead the way, allowing you to capture the tales without worrying about getting lost in a new city.

Did You Know?

- The English tradition of high tea was brought to the United Kingdom by Portuguese princess Catherine de Braganza, after she relocated to the UK following her marriage to Charles II.
- Opening in 1732, Lisbon is home to the world’s oldest bookstore, Bertrand Books.

Don't Miss Out

- Lisbon is a European hub for excellent gastronomy that is not to be missed. Inspired by the wealth of seafood available in the country, Bacalhau is one for you to try!
- Lisbon’s iconic yellow trams connect some of the city's most historic and scenic neighbourhoods together, making it easy to pass a handful of the famous landmarks.