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If you want to go on an exclusive trip, you can create a private tour.

Your vehicle can range from a saloon car to any size of coach, and your guide will be an expert in storytelling and local insights.

To arrange your tour, please fill in the form* below or email


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If you've got any questions about scheduled tours, please contact us here.


Why should you pick a private tour?

Choose from our scheduled tours or create your own itinerary.

Go on an exclusive adventure with just you, your friends, and family.

Pick your style of a trip from luxury castles to backpacking adventures.

Ask us to reserve restaurant tables, book attractions, and take care of all the details.

Who is a private tour for?

Passionate Travellers

Maybe you dream of drinking every dram of whisky on a custom tour of Scotland. Perhaps you want to follow in the footsteps of your favourite historical figure. Whatever you're passionate about, we can help bring it to life.

Friends & Family

A private tour gives you and your friends the space and freedom to do what you want to do in the way you want to do it.

Work Days Out

Be more creative with your team-building days out. Forget the pubs and paintball and go to a famous castle or take a gin-tasting trip around Edinburgh instead.

Heritage Journeys

Trace your family story and discover the castles and landscapes your ancestors once roamed.

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Help us create your perfect trip by filling in the form with as much detail as you can.

Please note, due to high demand and limited availability, we may not be able to quote for a private tour with less than two weeks notice.

If you've got any questions about scheduled tours, please contact us here.


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Any tailor-made tours that we create for you that constitute a ‘package’ for the purposes of the 1992 EU Regulations, payments made by you will be protected by our membership of ABTOT. Full terms and conditions can be found here.


Why would I want to create my own tour?

Our scheduled trips leave on set dates and are available to anyone. Whereas a private tour is exclusive for you and your chosen group. It’s perfect if you’re wanting to go when we have fewer tours running.

Where can I go?

You can go anywhere in the UK and Europe. If you need inspiration, look through our other tours, add the ones you like to your ‘favourites’, and imagine how you could join them up.

What’s the accommodation like?

You can stay in castles, country houses, budget hotels, B&Bs, boats, or hostels: anywhere you like. We’re friends with a lot of the local accommodation providers, so we’re happy to help you find the most memorable places to stay.

Meet the Team


Private Tour Team Manager

"I’ve been with Rabbie's quite a number of years now, but I’ve been a planner for a lot longer.

My family struggle with making decisions to say the least. So armed with dad’s credit card (and his blessing), I put myself in charge of planning family holidays from a young age.

Then in university, I helped organise hill walking holidays. Which was amazing fun, but sometimes a challenge given the budget for any trip was a shoe string, a bag of beans, and whatever change we could find down the back of the sofa.

Now with a whole fleet of Rabbie's buses to call upon, I find things a lot easier.

At the end of the day, I just love a good plan when it comes together, so I keep making them."