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Get a Bit of Irish Luck

Touring Ireland is like being welcomed into the family and feeling like you’ve been a part of it the whole time. Sitting in an Irish pub, sipping on a Guinness. You can listen to the locals talk in their incredibly thick accents about something dramatic that happened to such-and-such down the road, who doesn't want to be a part of it? Good old Irish charm. Much like the locals, a tour of Ireland is full of stories and history. This is the land where giants carved the coastlines, fairies dwell deep in the forests, and luck flows through every landscape.

Join our master storytellers on small group tours from Dublin, Belfast, or our newly launched depature point of Killarney.

Dive deeper into this fascinating island, have some craic along the way, and uncover the tales of time gone by being brought to life. Simply choose the adventure that calls out to you the most. Will you try to count the basalt blocks at the Giant’s Causeway when you depart for a tour or Ireland from Belafast? Follow in the footsteps of monks at Clonmacnoise Abbey? Or listen to the roar of the Atlantic along the rugged West Coast? Whichever path you choose, you’ll come back home a storyteller yourself, with a head full of souvenir stories and memories that last a lifetime.

Why you'll love an Ireland tour


Weird wonders lie in the landscapes

Giant’s causeway is 40,000 basalt columns. Cliffs of Moher is a 214m drop into the Atlantic Ocean. And the Dingle Peninsula is 75km of unspoilt beaches and jagged mountains.

But the numbers don’t do it justice: you need to see it to believe it. And an Irish tour, led by knowledgeable driver-guides, can be just the answer.

Giants, leprechauns, and fairies

It feels as if every landscape you walk along on an Irish tour was crafted by a giant, ransacked by leprechauns, and traversed by a thousand banshees. So make sure to tune in to your guide’s tales.

And who knows, maybe you’ll believe in some of them yourself.

Everyone wants to be Irish

Maybe it’s their accent, perhaps it’s their friendly nature, or it may even be their fantastic stories.

But whatever it is, everyone loves the Irish. And after you tour Ireland, you’ll come home wishing you could be Irish too.

Atmospheric live entertainment

Vibrant, loud and exuberant. Irish cities are full of character and jam-packed with live entertainment venues.

Whether it’s a traditional fiddle or a heavy guitar riff, an Irish gig is an energetic experience you cannot miss when touring the beautiful emerald isles.

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