7 – 11 Day Tours from Dublin

Irish Tours Departing Dublin for 7 - 11 Days

We see you. The adventurers who crave a little bit more. More time to soak up the wildness of a place like Ireland. We feel the same - we simply cannot get enough... of the castles, the coastlines, the fantasty landscapes. And if you tour with us on one of our 7 - 11 day tours, you'll experience the best of the Emerald Isle.

And with ample time to explore Ireland, we'd be thrilled to take you to the lesser-known spots as well as the most revered sights. Jump on a tour from Dublin and, guided by storytellers, pull back the covers and soak up all that makes Ireland incredible while on a multi-day Irish tour from Dublin. 

Planning Your 7 - 11 Day Tour from Dublin

What calls to you? Do you crave to tread where others have gone before you, or be lured onto a path less-explored? The beauty of a 7 - 11 day tour from Dublin is you can do both. Whether it's to wander a coastal path and gaze out over the Atlantic, or lose yourself on the cobbled streets of Northern Ireland, the only way to experience the true Irish beauty is to simply start.

Travel Responsibly from Dublin 

Ireland deserves to be cared for by every visitor that graces its shores. And that’s exactly what we intend to provide. Through our responsible travel initiative, we donate, volunteer, use small mini-coaches and do as much as we can to protect locations for future generations to enjoy.