Tours from Inverness

Tours from Inverness - the Highlands on Your Doorstep

Take a tour from Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands, and experience the air of mystery that lurks here. The city is the place you go to start your adventure around Scotland, before venturing to the likes of the Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, and some of the wildest spots in the country. But you may be here for the Highlands themselves. Often shrouded in mist and rain, it’s the kind of place where history, fables, stories, and the promise of adventure lure you in. Captivated? So are we. And our tours from Inverness showcase the best this landscape has to offer.


Planning Your Tour from Inverness

Och, Scotland. She’s a bonnie lass, with her heather-brushed valleys and hazy mountains. This is why you’ve come for a tour from Inverness. The further into the wild you go, the more you realise just how easy it is to lose your heart to a place like Scotland. And with 1-3 day tours from Inverness, the best we have to offer is right at your feet.

Travel Responsibly from Inverness

There’s a wealth of beautiful locations outside of Inverness we want to show you and protect for future generations to enjoy. Through our responsible travel initiative, we take ownership of our actions by donating, volunteering and travelling by small mini-coaches to help preserve the land for many generations to come.

Did You Know?

- Cheese lovers might be interested to know there was once a war fought in Inverness… over cheese.
- Everybody knows about Nessie, but Inverness is shrouded in a myriad of other legends, including the Ghosts of Culloden and the Mermaid of Kessock.
- Inverness is named after the river goddess Nessa, whose ghost supposedly visits each year to lament her sad story.

Don’t Miss Out

- Many have heard of the Battle of Culloden. It was a turning point in Scottish history. The battlefield may be harrowing but it’s well worth a visit.
- Macbeth murdered King Duncan at Inverness Castle. We know it’s just a play, but personally we’d love to see the crime scene for ourselves!