Tours of Scotland from Manchester

Journeys from the vibrant heart of England

Their football teams are goal-scoring legends, their musicians are convention-smashing creatives, and their scientists changed the world: Manchester is the home to the best of Britain. Creatives will lose themselves in the cafes, shops, nightlife, and vibes of the city's Northern Quarter. Or perhaps you've come to Manchester for the range of museums. A city so grand and vibrant is sure to have something for you.

What’s more is it’s a great place to start your journey... into Scotland. You might not have considered it, but we certainly have - which is why we have our new tour from Manchester all the way north into bonnie Scotland. Join the hunt for Nessie, avoid those trickster fairies, and snap a hundred pictures of those adorable Highland Coos (though, remember the first rule of spotting a Highland Coo: don't ask to see one).

We hope you'll join us.