Hadrian's Wall

The Might of the Roman Empire


Imagine this. It's AD 122 and you're a legionary in the Roman army. Your emperor has just ordered a wall built across the middle of Britain, from west to east, to keep the barbaric Scots out of Roman territory.

Little do you know, as you toil away in the brisk British breeze, that this wall will stand the test of time. It will become a monument symbolic of a country. Of a moment in history.

Hadrian’s Wall, proposed by, you guessed it, Emperor Hadrian of the Romans, stretches from the west of Britain, right across to the east. It runs for 73 miles, and even though it’s over 1,800 years old, parts of it still stand today. A testament to the skills of the Romans.

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Why you'll love Hadrian's Wall

A Feat of Engineering

Hadrian’s Wall isn’t just a wall. It incorporates 80 milecastles, 17 large forts, and two observation towers every third of a mile. The Romans took their fortifications seriously, labouring over a deep ditch which ran parallel to the wall.

An Archaeological Wonderland

Archaeologists are still excavating sites of Roman occupation along Hadrian’s Wall. From shoes to pots and fashion accessories, each item dug from the earth reveals more about the bygone cultures that influenced Britain’s past.

Steeped in Ancient History

The ongoing battles between the Romans and the Picts are notorious. Luckily, many of these were documented in ancient texts referring to Hadrian’s Wall.

Set Amidst the Beautiful Borders

Stroll alongside the remains of this timeworn wall and take in the stunning landscapes of the Borders, Northumberland and Cumbria.

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