Isle of Mull

Nature's Haven


It's easy to come away from visiting Mull in a complete state of confusion. What just happened? Where on earth was I?

Because that's the Isle of Mull. A wild garden of luscious valleys and moorland shrouded under the shadows of mountains. A refreshing walk on a white sandy beach, your eyes peeled for eagles and whales.

But the island isn’t only a nature sanctuary.

It’s also home to the people of Mull and their traditions, proud history, and whisky.

But, wait, there's more.

Just a short ferry ride away is the captivating and peaceful Iona, the birthplace of Celtic Christianity. Or you might head out to sea and gape at the geological wonder that is Fingal's Cave on the Isle of Staffa.

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Why you'll love Mull

Breathtaking Beaches

White sand, crystal-clear water, and not a soul to be seen: these are the beaches of Mull. Explore the rugged coast of the island, discover coves and bays steeped in history, and look out for whales or dolphins.

Lovely Locals

Some inhabitants of the island are ginger, have horns, and rock a fringe. Others are equipped with a gleaming beak, terrifying talons, and a white tail. Mull is abundant with wildlife, so bring binoculars and keep your eyes open.

Scenic Landscapes

The roads on Mull wind their way along the coast and boast more wonderful vistas than you’ve had hot breakfasts. From the majestic mountains and lochs to stunning shores and castles, the wild views on the island will stop you in your tracks.


The largest town on Mull has a population of around 1,000 people, this gives Tobermory a warm, welcoming feeling. The cultural centre of the island is famous for colourful harbour cottages, a great selection of pubs and restaurants, and a whisky distillery.

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