Loch Ness

Monstrously Magnificent


Feeding into one of the world’s most famous lochs is the River Ness. Did you ever wonder what ‘Ness’ even means? Where Nessie, the enigmatical Loch Ness Monster, got her nickname from? Some think that ‘Ness’ comes from an old Celtic word meaning ‘roaring one’. Many have claimed to have spotted Nessie over the years, but it makes one wonder… is she the roaring one? Or perhaps ‘Ness’ is of Pictish origin, an echo of Nessa, a powerful river goddess.

Nessie, is that you?

A roaring powerful river goddess. Hidden under her blackened blanket of water, conversing with her small friends the eel and the trout, she peers up through the murky surface and sees the outline of a boat. You’re on that boat. And while you may not see her, what you do see is Scotland’s second-largest loch, the largest by volume in the entire British Isles. Peat from the surrounding soil has leeched into the water, obscuring what lies below. Lucky for you, perhaps, because what’s hidden might just be nightmare-worthy.

Our selection of small group tours to Loch Ness from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness or Aberdeen take you to the most iconic of all Scottish landmarks. But we don't only take you there: our expert local tour leaders will guide you on an adventure to discover the history and legends behind Loch Ness.

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Why you'll love Loch Ness

The Mythical Beast

You can understand why the Scots believed in loch monsters. On a stormy night, the lochs were deep, dark, and dangerous.

And maybe you’ll start to believe it yourself, as you become enraptured by the loch’s unearthly eeriness and bewitching beauty.

Urquhart Castle

This is your exceptional Scottish castle. It perches dramatically on the shores of a loch, has survived legions of battles, and boasts over 1,000 years of history.

On our tours, you often have the choice to visit the castle or view it from a cruise ship.

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