Scottish Borders

The Beautiful Borders


It's hard to believe that somewhere so beautiful was once a battleground.

Raids. Sieges. Battles. The Scottish Borders were once so different to how we know them today. Now, there's not even a single checkpoint or guard. The peace and beauty of this region are almost impossible to comprehend when you know its history. When you know what happened underfoot. 

Today, the Scottish Borders are graceful. Grand buildings delicately decorate expansive valleys of summer greens, autumn oranges, icy greys. 

On our tours of the Scottish Borders, you venture to the ancient sites of Hadrian’s Wall and Alnwick Castle. You explore graceful towns with beautiful ruins like Melrose Abbey, founded by the Cistercians in the 12th century.

Explore one of the most historically important parts of Britain and discover the beautiful Borders on our small group tours.

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Why you'll love the Borders

Intriguing Mysteries

Rosslyn Chapel is associated with as many mysteries as it has stone carvings. From the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail to UFO sightings and portals to other dimensions, this site certainly isn’t lacking in thrilling tales.

Unique Landscapes

The gently undulating countryside of the Scottish Borders is mesmerising. You’ll see crumbling ancient structures nestled in verdant farmland and gaze at surprisingly hypnotising wind farms as they rotate in unison.

Filming Locations

The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter and Downton Abbey are just a few of the productions filmed around the Scottish Borders. Immerse yourself in the fictional worlds you know and love at these enchanting castles, chapels and gardens.

Colourful History

Staring out at the peaceful landscape of the Borders, it’s hard to believe it was once ransacked and pillaged for centuries. Both the might of the Romans and the fearmongering of the Border Reivers ruled this area for a time.

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